Student Highlight - Oct 2018 - Jaymeson

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congrats Jaymeson!
You earned the Student Highlight for showing off your new love of music with #musicspeaksstudio

Congrats Jaymeson! You earned the Student Highlight for showing off your new love of music with #musicspeaksstudio

Not even 2 months ago, Jaymeson walked into Music Speaks Studio pretty unsure of what was about to go down.  He saw the grand piano and his eyes lit up. Looking up at mom & dad for assurance, we gave him permission to touch the keys on this big, beautiful instrument he’d dreamt of playing someday.  

Jaymeson quickly shot up off the bench one day when he realized that the sounds were coming from hammers inside the piano.  When I have a musician get wide-eyed and giddy over discovering how the strings inside work, I’ll open the lid. Jaymeson got even more captivated when I revealed the science behind the sound and we got an early physics lesson in pitch & frequency as part of our piano lesson that day.

This kid is so much fun to be around! He combines a passion for science and art in a way that will give anyone hope for our future. He says his favorite thing about music class is seeing Miss Ruthie be so silly.  “What? Me?”

Jaymeson has fully embraced the fun he can experience with music and now wants to tell all of his friends about how happy it makes him.  He’s going to have a blast at Bring-a-Buddy week in November.

Mom, Courtney, shared with us that piano lessons are the only thing he’s ever actually been excited to do.  He loves practicing any chance he gets. Then, she candidly requested a few extra songs because he was playing the others so much she couldn’t get them out of her head.  

GLADLY! I recognize he’s up for the challenge of more music and I know I am!

Ruthie Smith