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Student Highlight - Sept 18 - Ellie

Congrats Ellie



She earned the Student Highlight for the August 2018 Incentive of logging her practice hours on her Student Portal and her hard work shows!

Ellie Girl enters Music Speaks Studio each week with the sweetest smile and makes a bee line for the grand piano, always with something new to show off.

"I know how to play so many songs now!" she told me when I asked what her favorite thing about music class is.  

Meeting Ellie for the first time, you will recognize a quiet little lady.  There's a smile there, always a smile, but you'll want to take the time to earn her trust before you get the privilege to hear how funny she is.  A girl of few words, but when she speaks, listen, because it will be beautiful or hilarious.

That's why Ellie allows music to speak for her.  Focused practice time helps her skills and artistry and, don't tell her mom, but she confessed that it helps get her out of chores, too. HA!

Ellie's personal highlights at Music Speaks Studio:

  • Performing "I Can't Stop the Feeling" by J.T.

  • Playing "I Love Coffee" with her group class - a 6 part piano piece that they can play together

  • Winning the "Last Mouse Lost" Game - a fun game they LOVE that helps build finger technique

"Do you think I can learn ukulele next?"  Ellie asked while we chatted.
YES Ellie Girl!  You let that music make you fly!