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Ruthie Smith’s stage debut was at the age of 2... 

and her family has held onto that favorite photo because it is evidence of her lifelong passion for music. This same love became her ticket around the world and across the states, performing and leading music in multiple countries on every continent (except Antarctica, as her adoring husband likes to point out) over a span of 10 years.


“Hey, I worked that album,” 

is one of Ruthie’s favorite things to say when listening to the biggest hits from 2003-2010 during her exciting career at Universal Music Group in Los Angeles.  

Having formal study in piano, strings, and voice with strong family support helped her gain a vocal scholarship to Azusa Pacific University. Ruthie combined her love of music and stage with a Business Communication degree and topped it all off at The Contemporary Music Center on Martha’s Vineyard with a deep dive into the music industry, which set her up for success at the world’s largest music company.

A few years after following her heart to San Diego, some neighbors heard Ruthie sing and play her grand piano while the front door was open and asked if she was taking students. Shortly after, a family with a budding vocalist heard Ruthie sing on a local stage and asked about voice lessons. What began as a few students a week pushed Ruthie into an enthusiastic pursuit to share music and create dedicated musicians with a lifelong love of music and the skills to pursue the passion behind their art.

While she’s not immersing herself in musical pedagogy, you can find Ruthie soaking up all the cuddles and giggles she can from her precious boys, Cooper and Beckett.  She may also be trying a new recipe with any new kitchen gadget for her devoted husband, Charlie. Ruthie can do all this while tossing treats to their dog, Jane, and simultaneously planning the next chance to host Game Night or a Block Party.