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Q:  How much do lessons cost?

A:  Monthly rates are based on a 40 week teaching year, divided equally between 10 payable months. Please fill out the contact page to email MSS for current rates and availability.

Q: Do you accept Homeschool & Charter School EU’s and Vouchers?

A: Yes, Ruthie Smith is a preferred vendor with multiple local charter schools and is happy to work with more.  

Q: When are lessons?

A: Lessons occur once a week during set weekdays between the hours of 9-6.  Most classes are 45 minutes. Studio Calendar is based on 40 lessons between August and June.  Additional camps, events, performances, and workshops may be added.


Q:  How do I get to the studio?

A:  The studio is located in Ocean View Hills, San Diego, CA. Please email to get the address.

Q:  What should families do during the lesson?

A:  It is up to you whether you would like to sit in the lesson or not. Most students realize better progress when they are on their own, with the exception of Preschool and Baby & Me classes.  WiFi is available and siblings are welcome, as long as there is no distraction to the lesson.

Q:  How and when should I pay for the lesson?

A:  Tuition is due monthly via automatic credit card payments and will hold your spot in class. These payments remain the same regardless of the number of weeks in a month or holidays, as the 40 teachable weeks are billed evenly between 10 months.

Q: Are there any additional expected expenses?

A: Annual Bonus Repertoire Fee of $30 will be collected each year.  It will be collected as Registration for anyone beginning mid-year.  This helps to cover extra individualized sheet music, often for performances or a student’s specific repertoire requests.
Method Books & General Curriculum - expect to spend about $50 per year.  A student that is progressing quickly may want to purchase the next level earlier, but most methods used are designed for a year.

Q:  What happens if I miss a lesson?

A:  Lessons are viewed as standing appointments for the group.  There is a strict no-cancellation policy. Students will still be able to access the week’s assignments and videos.

If there is an unexpected cancellation by the teacher, we will communicate a make-good scenario.

Q: How do I discontinue lessons?

A: Please provide written notice one month ahead of discontinuing.  Lessons will be billed for the entire month and end at a regular billing cycle.

Q:  How can I help my child while they are enrolled in lessons?

A:  You are your child's biggest cheerleader!  Your role is to encourage, support, and help your child in their music lessons. Through your online account, you can have access to their assignments, goals, teacher, billing, videos, and practice log. Communicating questions with your teacher is always encouraged!

Q:  How often should my student be practicing?

A:  Each student needs to practice regularly to see results.  As a general rule of thumb, students should follow the chart below for practice time.  Students should practice at the same time daily to create good habits.  Parents can sit with young players in the beginning to assist and establish a routine.

Music Practice-graphic.png

Q: When do I get to see my musician perform?

A: Music Speaks Studio will provide at least 3 performance showcases each year, scheduled in the Spring and Fall and Holidays.  They are designed with themes to be fun-filled, family events that showcase students’ musical journey.  The goal is to support a desire to strive for excellence without creating a stressful experience.


A million thanks! Thanks for your patience with our 5 year old son. Thanks for sharing your talent and thanks for caring so much about music!
— Yazmin O.

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