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That moment!!!  There’s a moment when the light goes on and you GROW.


There’s a moment when you hear that you just CREATED music you love.


There’s a moment when the smile goes from ear to ear and your CONFIDENCE is boosted right there.  


That is the BEST MOMENT of any lesson and I get to see it in musicians EVERY WEEK!

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Musicians dream of being part of a band. Why wait? Group lessons are an awesome way for musicians to discover that playing music with other people gives students the highest levels of enjoyment... All levels and instruments play engaging games to get familiar with important music theory concepts that always include laughter.



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GROW - All students use a proven method book that helps guide students to success. Fun group games and quizzes are also used to reinforce progress, making sure that a student’s learning is both on track and enjoyable. In addition to focusing on the individual instrument of your choice, we also focus on performances.



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CREATE - Students learn chords, theory, and skills to master songs they love and create their own. We have a blast giving students different parts to focus on then create a bigger, more beautiful sound together. Each musician is guided through achieving measurable goals and looking forward to individual music dreams.



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BUILD CONFIDENCE - Musicians create community in learning together. Students are even more motivated to work hard at their music when they are excited to be part of a group moving forward together.   It also gives a real sense of accomplishment. This is essential for self-motivation when learning how to play. Within a small group, we normalize performing and students take turns teaching others something they’ve been working on, which helps take away the anxiety when it comes to performance.

My 8 year old daughter started piano lessons here with Ruthie when she was 7 and she loves it. She always says how much she loves Ruthie. They have bonded and she has really grown as a musician in Ruthie’s care.
— Gaby F.
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