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We'll feature the Student Highlight and cannot wait to share our amazing interview on NBC that features some of our very own
Music Speaks Studio musicians this Fall.  Use #MusicSpeaksStudio to show us your favorite musical moments!

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November 5-9th, every single musician gets to bring a friend to a lesson just for fun! Whether the friend is an absolute beginner or a seasoned pro, there will be something awesome for everyone and everyone gets to be part of a jam session!

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What an honor to be selected by the CBS San Diego show “This is San Diego” to be featured on the Oct 20th show at 4:00pm.

Huge thanks to musicians & families who did an incredible job while cameras were rolling. You did awesome Elena, Emma, Jose, Noah, and Ruth!

Julie Alexandria, our talented host, helped us all have a ton of fun and really share our story. Big ol’ shout out to the Dir of Photography, Brian, who made us all look fantastic! @juliealexandria00 @bmoneyisfunny


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